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Frescoes gallery

“Il dipignere in muro e’ il piu’ maestrevole e bello, perche’ consiste nel fare in un giorno solo quello che nelli altri modi si puo’ in molti ritoccare… il piu’ virile, piu’ securo, piu’ resoluto e durabile di tutti gl’altri modi, e quello che, nello stare fatto, di continuo acquista di bellezza.”                                                                                                                    

 Giorgio Vasari (1550)


What is the fresco?

As the term implies, this is a painting technique on a fresh area that uses powdered pigments dissolved with water alone, spread on fresh plaster. Fresh plaster of the day! The plaster is laid out in the morning and painted until the evening. After sunset the plaster begins to dry out and can no longer be painted. The plaster used is composed of slaked lime and sand. This combination of materials triggers a chemical process called carbonation; this process allows to fix the color up to create a unique waterproof body outside. This technique does not allow adjustments or hesitation, it requires a steady hand, and a natural gesture.

Galleria dei miei affreschi